This page details advertising specifications for online advertising with Tarawera Publishing Ltd websites

As a general rule TPL follows IAB Guidelines and standards.



Size Name   GIF, JPG, PNG Looping
728 x 90 or 760 x 120 Leaderboard   40 KB continuous
300 x 250 Medium Rectangle (MREC)   40 KB continuous
160 x 600 Skyscraper   40 KB continuous
300 x 600 Wide Skyscraper   40 KB continuous


HTML5. HTML5 files need to be zipped up and must be validated here for us to accept them:

This is one tool available to validate files:

HTML5 File Size: The IAB recommendation is 200KB (compressed) initial load for the creative and 300 or 500KB for the total creative size (depending on format). Initial load refers to the total, compressed file size of all creative assets delivered to the browser for initial ad display. This includes all files—images, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Third party-served ads can be accommodated, eg: Using Doubleclick tags.


Newsletter Inclusions

We offer inclusions in our newsletters using a standard 300 x 250 size.

This can only be a .gif file and needs to be less than 40KB in size. 

Below is an example of a Newsletter inclusion with a 300 x 250 size.


Sponsored Content


You need to supply:
Words - 500 max. You can also include images but keep them small, ie: no more than 100KB each. Best formats are .gif and .jpeg. No animation allowed.

We have upgraded the package and you can brand up the page with a 760x120 banner across the top and a 300 x 250 in the article.

Specs: Measurements in pixels, max size 40KB, format either .gif, or HTML5. If HTML 5 files need to be zipped up and validated before sending. 

Sponsored Content remains on the site unless an end date is supplied.




eDMS are one of our premium products that allows you to directly contact relevant databases.  With this service your message is sent via email to selected databases of newsletter subscribers. . Your message can include images and logos.

Specifications and guidelines


To insert first name, where one is recorded in our database use [Name,fallback=]

For Unsubscribe use <unsubscribe>Unsubscribe here</unsubscribe>

More technical stuff...